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Group Benefits


The world of Group Benefits can be complex. We'll be your guide!


Work with a consultant from the Reagan Companies to craft a benefits package that protects and engages your people while attracting prospective hires, but remains affordable. We will start by learning your company culture, needs, wants and goals to deliver benefits that are solutions, not just insurance products. Are we appointed by all the major insurance carriers? Yes, of course we are; but we go Beyond Insurance. Contact us today for more information.


Health and Dental Insurance

We will work with your Upstate New York firm to find the best fit for fully or self-insured health and dental benefit solutions. We are fully literate in the acronym language of health insurance: CDHP, HDHP, HSA and HRA. Fill out our online quote form today.


Disability, Life and Long Term Care.

We are able to offer fully insured solutions to help protect the income and assets of your employees and their families.


Corporate Retirement Plans

Our investment management division specializes in all types of corporate retirement plans, from custom designed 401k plans to Simple IRA plans. We have developed a system of client contact, portfolio design and on-going review that we feel is unique and provides our clients with a level of service that is unlike anything they have experienced. Visit for more info

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